Legs Eleven


Changing lives, one bingo rave at a time.


It all started when…

Three friends got together and decided to throw a little bingo party for some friends. Two years on, and 100,000+ people across 6 different countries have experienced the phenomenon that is Bingo Loco. Yes, we play bingo, but not as you know it. Imagine people doing the speed macarena, embarrassing dance offs, singing hilarious lip sync battles and each number triggering anthems to make the whole room erupt. We’ve worked out the perfect formula to get people going crazy, and all through the medium of bingo.

We didn’t stop there however, we’ve taken everything we’ve learned from Bingo Loco and applied it to all manner of events - from absurd table quizes to hilarious disco yoga parties. You can check out our full portfolio of events over here.

Whether you’re a brand planning a grand opening celebration to mark your place in the town, are arranging a company-wide corporate conference or gala, or simply want to host a memorable Christmas party that will still be discussed around the water cooler for years to come, remarkable entertainment is a must. Legs Eleven has the knowledge, resources, and drive to make your event a roaring success. Drop a line today and see how we can apply our signature creative touch.